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The Short Story

Plain and simple, PonyBabe makes clothing that feels great to wear, and looks beautiful, too. Super soft layers to inspire a comfortable and confident outlook, whether you're lounging at home, stretching it out in a mellow yoga class, or running errands on the fly.

PonyBabe is designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, NY, USA

The collection is designed and produced by Rachel Fernbach, an accidental New Yorker.  Inspired by years working as a somatic therapist, countless hours on the mat and cushion, and travel adventures both near and far, she launched the label with the wish to share a very happy secret: that feeling good in your clothes means feeling good in your body, which also means feeling good in your life.

PonyBabe is based in Brooklyn, NY by day, with nights spent dreaming of oceans and woods...

(And if you're curious about the name, you can read more here.)