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The Naming Story

People often ask me (Rachel, the one woman show that runs this small business) where the name PonyBabe came from...

And this is what I tell them: 

In the beginning, when I knew that I wanted to shift my career toward something creative and making-focused, I was very inspired by horses and ponies.  

I was moved by images of majesty, beauty and power, like the photos of wild horses shot by Roberto Dutesco...

I was also tickled by pictures I found of Shetland ponies wearing handmade sweaters...

Shetland Ponies in Sweaters

And in the end, I wanted the women who wear my designs to feel like total babes.  Comfortable in their clothing and skin, confident in their power, and at ease in their lives.

So, PonyBabe.

*** *** *** *** ***

Photos via dutescoart.com and visitscotland.com